About SWIP-Analytic

SWIP-Analytic is one of two SWIP groups in NYC, where ‘SWIP’ stands for Society for Women in Philosophy. (Our sister organization is New York SWIP.)

SWIP-Analytic provides a forum for women philosophers working in an analytic style in a variety of areas. We understand ‘woman’ broadly as signifying anyone who self-identifies, or has ever been identified, as a woman, and we aim to create a supportive philosophical space for all who face gender discrimination of any kind.

The talks organized by the society are open to all (all genders, and all kinds of philosophers and non-philosophers) and take place (roughly) monthly.

Each year SWIP-Analytic awards the SWIP-Analytic Essay Prize. The winner is invited to present her paper at our final meeting in the spring.

SWIP-Analytic was founded Fall 2013 by ChloƩ Cooper Jones , Zoe Jenkin, Marilynn Johnson, and Katherine Tullmann. Our current organizing team and advisory board members are listed here.

About SWIP

The Society for Women in Philosophy was created in 1972 to support and promote women in philosophy. Since that time the Society for Women in Philosophy has expanded to many branches around the world, including in the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Flanders, and Germany. SWIP organizations worldwide hold meetings and lectures that aim to support women in philosophy; some, such as SWIPshop, focus exclusively on feminist philosophy, while others, such as SWIP-Analytic, focus on women philosophers working in other areas. (From Wikipedia)

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