In the fall of 2020, SWIP-Analytic and NYSWIP decided to join forces and form a new SWIP group, SWIP-NYC, which we understand as a two-winged collaborative society.

The two wings of SWIP-NYC continue the work of NYSWIP and SWIP-Analytic respectively. The first wing focuses on promoting and supporting work in feminist philosophy and cognate areas, and sponsors the Sue Weinberg Lecture Series and SWIPshop. The second wing focuses on promoting and supporting women philosophers in all areas of philosophy, and sponsors the SWIP-NYC Colloquium and the SWIP-NYC Essay Prize. In addition, the two wings jointly organize various mentoring events.

More information about SWIP-NYC, as well as up to date programming information, can be found on our brand new website. You can also visit us on facebook, and follow us on twitter.